Cementing the community partnership between Lafarge Tarmac Aberthaw Cement Plant and Rhoose Homework Club

Aberthaw Cement Plant launches community partnership

The Lafarge Tarmac Aberthaw Cement Plant is partnering with the Rhoose Parent/Child Homework Club to help support children across the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Rhoose Homework Club is a voluntary organisation, initially set up to help support very local children with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, keep up with their school work and give them confidence in their learning abilities.  Now close to celebrating its third anniversary, the club has 80 children from across the Vale of Glamorgan, with mixed abilities, attending its homework clubs held on Tuesday and Thursday at Rhoose Community Centre – with a waiting list of others wishing to join. The Club takes a holistic approach in providing support for youngsters as well as their families.

The community partnership came about following a fund-raising BBQ held at the Cement Plant in May, where colleagues at the works raised over £700 to help the charity. Club founders, Cath Watkins, Maria Thompson and Ceri Saunders from Rhoose, came to the BBQ and told the cement team about the Club, and everyone agreed that they wanted to be able to do more to help the club than just a one-off fund-raising event. The community partnership will mean more fund-raising events will be held by Aberthaw Cement Plant colleagues and support in the form of the provision of much-needed stationery and other resources that are needed by the Club.

Plant Manager, Chris Bradbury and other colleagues visited the Rhoose Homework Club to meet the children and cement the community partnership.  Chris said, “We are absolutely delighted to be supporting such a great volunteering initiative.  We met lots of the children and spoke to them about what they were doing at the Club.  All the youngsters were so well behaved during our visit and it was a pleasure to see what a great learning atmosphere has been developed at the Community Centre and how the children are so keen to get on with their work, especially as this is an optional activity outside of their school day.

“We are looking forward to supporting the Club going forward and helping it continue to be the success it has already proven to be.”

The next thing on the agenda to be organised through the partnership is a summer trip for the children, to reward them for their learning efforts throughout the year, and planning is well underway for what everyone hopes will be an exciting day out.

Cath Watkins from the Rhoose Homework Club said, “The way that the Club has evolved from when we first started three years ago supporting two local children is just amazing, but we knew that we wouldn’t be able to continue to grow in this way, without more support.  The partnership with the Lafarge Tarmac Aberthaw Cement Plant is more than we could ever have wished for and will help us support more children and their families across the Vale of Glamorgan.”


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