Lucy Jones designs for accessibility

Welsh student voted best designer of 2015 at world’s most prestigious design school

Designing for disability scoops the design board

Lucy Jones from Cardiff has been voted Designer of the Year of Class 2015 at the prestigious New York Parsons School of Design’s annual fashion benefit (19 May).

Her award was presented by Marc Jacobs, himself a fellow graduate of the Parsons design school, recognised as the best in the world for aspiring designers.

Lucy is the first and only Welsh design student to be offered a place to study at the university and is putting Wales firmly on the fashion map with her innovative designs. Lucy won a place to study design at the Parsons School of Design in New York in 2011, after receiving an award for art excellence and a distinction in fashion and textiles from Glamorgan University. She previously studied at Whitchurch High School.

Earlier this week it was also announced that Lucy had achieved joint winning status in the Parsons and Kerings ‘Empowering Imagination’ Contest, recognising her innovative designs for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs.

Lucy’s motivation for her designs came about through a conversation in 2012 with her cousin, Jake, about the daily struggle he goes through putting on his own clothes. Jake has hemiplegia, a condition in which half of his body is paralysed. As Jake has got older his frustration at his inability to dress himself has become a bigger problem for him and Lucy wanted to use her design talent to help her cousin.

Lucy said: “I realised that we in the fashion industry need to create more accessible solutions in clothing. I thought if Jake could dress himself, he would be able to be more independent. Clothes have the power to do that.”

In addition to helping Jake, Lucy has made it her mission to raise awareness on the issue of designing for disabilities.

Lucy and her designs are now front page of, a publication that Lucy says she idolised as a teen.

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